Our modern world, it is impossible to imagine without electricity. All means of communication, lighting and electric appliances to electricity from urban power stations or from accumulators. But what alternative is there when the socket has no power and urban network goes down? How to quickly restore an supply when there is no power In this case, there are various autonomous power plant: diesel generators, solar panels, or  wind power plants. At approach the evening and at windless weather remains one alternative — it is the diesel generator.

Upon the occurrence of a varied and with no wind the weather remains one alternative is a diesel generator.

The word “generator” has its origin from Latin (generare = producing). If we talk today about generators, it is usually because there are vehicles with a mechanical energy to produce electricity. According to the laws of physics on the same principle of mechanical energy can be reversed to produce electricity.

Electrical generators are used often as emergency generators for electricity. For such emergency generators is to use diesel generators. In many spheres of public activity is directed to be ready for this kind of emergency power generators. In order to maintain power regardless of the vital areas. For example in hospitals include diesel generators, if General Electric has no electricity for whatever reason.

Diesel generators GE GermanEquip GmbH are equipped with engines of well-known manufacturers such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Briggs Stratton & Iveco, Deutz, MTU, und Doosan. We produce not only the highest quality diesel generators, but also offers its customers complex installations and facilities in accordance with individual performances. We offer including hybrid systems that are equipped with remote control GSM/GPRS systems. Our power plants are already widely used in the field of energy and telecommunications.

For more information about GE generators you can find on the webseite www.ge-powersystems.com